Brief guilty update

guilt 2Well, I spoke too soon, I guess.

My last post was about how I plan to exercise and write more in 2015. So far: FAIL.

I was doing pretty well, exercising and taking care of myself, then I got the flu. Or some version of the flu. Something that made me feverish and useless for several days. Even worse, it hit me just as my 23-year-old son came to visit.

As for the writing, well, same thing. I finally finished a paper that was due last spring (I had an amazingly accommodating professor), so that’s out from under me, thank goodness! But I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been too busy being sick and useless.

I hope to get back to exercising tomorrow, but I have to spend some time with the boy. He came all the way from Virginia for a visit and has been mostly stuck at my dad’s house while I’m sick. I haven’t wanted to spread my disease to my elderly father, and our house is too small. Ugh. The guilt!


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