Kissing 2014 good-bye


In years past, I’ve shied away from New Years resolutions, although I usually joke that my resolution is to be awesome, and I’ve already met that goal (so clever!). I avoid resolutions for many reasons:

  • They are too difficult to keep
  • They usually just set me up for disappointment and failure
  • They are cliché, and I avoid clichés like the plague! *

But this year, I’ve made a couple of resolutions, and I may have to refer back to those reasons listed above at the end of the year, but whatever.


Resolution 1: Exercise more.

While you might say, “But Lisa, you’re a gym rat already!”, and you’d be right. I am. But I’ve had a recent bout with a nasty arthritis flare-up that made me miserable and unable to exercise much at all, and now that that’s over, I’m excited to get back into the gym.

I am going to try to lose weight, but I don’t want that to be the main reason for exercising more. I don’t want to be a slave to the scale and feel that if the numbers don’t drop, I’m not successful. I love to workout for me and my health, not for the approval of others.

Since I’m working at a gym now, I have no excuse, right? Well, you’d be surprised. When your knees don’t bend, there aren’t many options for cardio, so you have to work around it. Even so, just lifting weights with your upper body can be a challenge on the knees, surprisingly. When the joint that gives you stability is in pain, every little movement becomes excruciating.

I am determined to get it done. Not every day, like my friend Javacia, who exercised EVERY DAY last year. But I will do better than before.

Also, the news from my rheumatologist wasn’t so good. He said the arthritis in my knees was only going to get worse with wear and tear, so this may be the end of my soccer referee career. I need to find other ways to stay in shape.


Resolution 2: Write more

As a grad student studying history, I write plenty. But I don’t write for myself enough, and I need to get better at blogging regularly. Time is the main issue, since I work full time, go to school and have an active social life. But writing helps me think and helps me focus on the things going on in my life. It helps me get my head around the world and sort out my thoughts. When I’m not writing, I feel rudderless — like I’m just floating along with no plans or goals.

I would like to blog at least once a week. There, I said it.

Readers, I hope you have had a good 2014 and expect an even better 2015. Each new year brings new challenges and expectations. Lets make it the best one so far.

This came up from an image search for “Baby New Year.” WTF? I didn’t search for “Toddler Grim Reaper.”

*Note: I realize this entire post is a cliché, but just humor me, OK?

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