The 19th Amendment under attack

I’ll be in the front of the pack, pitchfork in hand!

The Los Angeles Times just posted a story saying that #repealthe19th is a trend on Twitter because determined that if only men could vote, Trump would win.


Good luck with that. You’ll take our voting rights out of our cold, dead hands. If any of my friends actually agrees with this, you need to let me know so I can meet you at your doorstep. We’ll have a little chat.

I’d like to see them try to repeal the 19th Amendment. We are half the population, and we vote. And we’re pretty damned angry right now.

Perhaps a better tactic would be to not be a misogynist prick and perhaps women might vote for you. Or maybe not grab women in the junk and brag about it to your bros.

The most frightening part is that they show a screenshot of women’s tweets agreeing with it. Self-hating women.

From the Los Angeles Times

One is @HollyAnswers, who claims to be a member of the alt-right, meaning white supremacists. Apparently, man-supremacist, too.

That’s fine. She and hewr buddies can stay home on Nov. 8 and light a candle in reverence of misogyny and hate. The rest of us will exercise the right that we fought for and must continue to fight for daily.

This country is in a shame spiral right now. I always joke that I’m moving to another country if a Republican gets elected, but this time I’m seriously investigating my options. I had no idea how truly bad it could get.

I know there are a lot of Hillary-haters out there, but that’s no excuse. If you vote for Trump, you are feeding rape culture and the hatred of women everywhere. If you need to think of your mothers, wives and daughters to understand what’s going on here, that’s fine.

We prefer you think of us as autonomous human beings, but whatever gets the job done.

Kentucky, my state, would still go red even if only women voted, which is terrifying.

Feeling pretty blue in this red state.


Ladies, if you’ve learned nothing else from this election, I hope you’ve learned that your vote matters. And don’t let anyone take away your rights!


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